Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Hillary throws shindig for "Sheets" Byrd

From NewsMax:
New York Senate hopeful Jeanine Pirro is blasting 2008 presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton for throwing a birthday party tonight for Ku Klux Klansman-turned-Senator Robert Byrd at the home of a civil rights pioneer.

"It's outrageous and shocking that Senator Clinton and her Democrat colleagues would choose Frederick Douglass' house to honor Senator Robert Byrd, who has a history of involvement with hate groups and has used racial slurs publicly," Pirro spokeswoman Andrea Tantaros told the Associated Press.
Not only has "Sheets" used the N-word publicly, he did so only four years ago. So much for that "youthful indiscretion" defense! Anyway, Hillary should fire her mouthpiece Howard Wolfson (last seen working on John Kerry's campaign last year...how'd that work out for him?) for his anemic retort:
Mrs. Clinton's spokesman, Howard Wolfson, defended her tribute to the longtime racist, saying Pirro's criticism was off base.

"Sadly, Ms. Pirro continues to wage a campaign of insults and attacks instead of offering New Yorkers a positive agenda," he said, without explaining why Mrs. Clinton was honoring the one-time nightrider.
Apparently, pointing out the obvious history (though you'll never see the MSM refer to his Klan past...imagine if he were Republican?) and sorry record of "Sheets" counts as an "insult" and "attack" these days.

Trent Lott (Republican) paid a tribute to Strom Thurmond (Republican, and a former segregationist who, unlike Byrd, was never in the Klan) almost three years ago, and he was raked over the coals by the press. Yes-sir-ree, they were on that story like Michael Moore on a Snickers bar, yet nary a peep when Her Highness (Democrat) throws a hoe-down (not Bill Clinton's version) for the former Grand Cyclops (Democrat).

Nope...no liberal media bias!