Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Using the government to stymie competition

Leave it to a liberal state like Dumbassachusetts to stifle capitalism. The irony is that the law was likely inspired by businesses, which are enterprises born of capitalism. However, some business owners would rather lobby their elected leaders to use the oppressive force of government to compensate for that which they have failed to do themselves in the marketplace: properly compete. From the AP:
There'll be no last-minute shopping for turkeys or trimmings on Thanksgiving Day in Massachusetts.

The state has warned the upscale Whole Foods supermarket chain that it will risk criminal charges under the state's centuries-old "blue laws" if it goes ahead with plans to open on the holiday.

The office of Attorney General Thomas Reilly issued a legal opinion after officials at a Whole Foods competitor, Shaw's Supermarkets, wrote him a letter asking him to block the opening, The Boston Globe reported.
Criminal charges? I can see it now: a chowderhead cop shows up at Whole Foods on Thursday and barks "You're under arrest for selling this little old lady some celery!"

OK, maybe the motivation to keep Whole Foods from opening on Thanksgiving is based on, as the story puts it, "Puritan-era blue laws", and I am mischaracterizing the situation. Fine...then explain this:
Shaw's, which has 200 stores in New England, complained to Reilly after some of its employees spotted a banner advertising a Thanksgiving Day opening at a Whole Foods in Bellingham.

"Besides disadvantaging competitors, a Whole Foods opening would harm consumers, due to lack of choice in the marketplace for consumers to shop and compare prices for the best deal," Shaw's legal department wrote to Reilly on Nov. 4.
That's right, folks. In the twisted mind of a failed business owner, and his useful idiots in state government, allowing people to buy last-minute items on Thanksgiving Day harms said consumers!

Also, spoken like a true socialist: everyone should be equally disadvantaged. It's not fair if I get to buy cranberry sauce from a business that chooses to be open on Thanksgiving (and pays its employees extra for working on that day)! I mean, what about those businesses that choose to be closed? That's not right!

What do customers think?
As for consumers, Jeff Orlinski, 26, of Hingham, was irked that the local Whole Foods wouldn't be open.

"What if you need something at the last-minute?" he asked. "What happens if your stuffing gets burned?"
Then enjoy your crunchy stuffing, sir...and thank your "enlightened" state leaders and local business flunky at Shaw's for protecting you from fresh stuffing!