Thursday, December 15, 2005

Old Hippie Guy

This is from an encounter that a brave soldier, at a training drill weekend's breakfast at Hardee's, had with what he termed "Old Hippie Guy."
This scraggly looking holdover from the McGovern era approached our table unprovoked, and stated "Gentleman, the September 11th attacks were avenged by the deaths of thousands of children, I hope you sleep well at night." With that, giving us little time, through our amazement, he spun around and lurched out of the doorway, leaving the cadet and I to consider the following options:

1. It is 1971, and somehow we had been hurled back in time under Terminator rules. If this was so, then we were probably confused with the other baby-child-killing soldiers of that time, instead of the baby-child killers of today. Simple mistake. If it was 1971, then our first action would have been to steal as much confederate gold as possible, so as to fund my future presidential campign.


5. I am personally controlled by Karl Rove, and must phone the White House every morning for permission to dress myself. Karl Rove eats babies after I kill them.

So, that about wraps it up. The moral of the story is that you can’t argue or reason with shrieking liberal hippies. They can’t get over the mind set that we do not live in the world of the 60's anymore. People are not throwing things at soldiers when they return from Iraq, they are welcoming them. This is why Old Hippie guy’s opinions had to be quickly stated in an empty Hardees. No one agrees with him anymore, and he can’t stand it. Now the chip in my brain is telling me its time to go kill ba- eat lunch. Later.
Please, read the whole's not very long, and it's freaking hilarious!

He notes: "At least Old Hippy Dude didn't stop and mutter 'oh by the way I support you, just not the war' as he was leaving." Now where have we heard that before?