Sunday, January 22, 2006

Code Pink caught in "Photoshop" moment

When the truth sucks for the moonbat organization Code Pink, they just invent their own brand of "truth", I guess. From Publius Pundit:
Unbelievable. Code Pink, an anti-American, anti-Iraqi-freedom, anti-Iranian-democracy full-Sandalista nuisance group, has taken to photoshopping photographs of Iranian freedom babes brave enough to protest against the monstrous mullahs of Iran, and used their beautiful images as recruiting tools for their own odious, anaphrodisiac cause. This cause just happens to be cut-and-run from Iraq, so that mullahs will be free to oppress women in ‘peace.’ That’s Code Pink’s cause! It is so disgusting!

They can’t even tell the difference between Iranians and Iraqis, among other things, and just don’t care. But that’s not nearly as bad as changing the message the women were putting their lives on the line to get across. The mercenary expropriation of these images by Code Pink is unspeakable. How dare they! Compare and contrast:

Code Pink recruiting ad for anti-Iraqi-freedom activities - take a look at that middle girl - I think even the lower half of her face is photoshopped.

Now take a look at the same image of the real Iranian freedom babe fighting against mullahs and gender apartheid in the streets of Tehran, second photo down. Attack Machine has graciously put the images together for your convenience.

Did they learn after getting caught red-handed? Nope. The dipshits tried Photoshopping again!

And to think: the DNC chief himself poses proudly with these kooks!