Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Bush's global "warming" reaches beyond Earth's borders

Damn that evil Bushrove McHitlerburton! His refusal to sign the economic suicide pact known as the Kyoto Treaty to stop global "warming" has now reached beyond the mere borders of the Earth! That's right...the bastard is now imperiling Saturn! From the AP:
Researchers are tracking a gigantic storm on Saturn that is unleashing lightning bolts more than 1,000 times stronger than those found on Earth.

Using instruments aboard the international Cassini spacecraft, scientists from the University of Iowa first spotted the storm on Jan. 23.

But since the spacecraft was not in the right position to photograph the storm, scientists enlisted the help of amateur astronomers who confirmed a storm was raging in the ringed planet's southern hemisphere.

"It is clear that this is the strongest lightning activity that we've seen yet with Cassini since it has arrived at Saturn," Donald Gurnett of the University of Iowa said Tuesday.

Researchers recorded 35 consecutive episodes since the storm was first detected. Each episode lasted about 10 hours.

It's unclear how such lightning storms originate, but scientists think it might be related to the planet's warm interior.
Does his malevolence know no end? Not intent with destroying our own planet with his reckless environmental kamikaze tactics, the imperialist drone is now bent on a galaxy-wide meltdown! His madness must be stopped! If only Alito had been filibustered...

For those of you on the left, the above is sarcasm.