Thursday, February 09, 2006

Shrillary: We really are tough on terrorism!

Sure...which is why you want to remove the country's weapons that are being used to track them down! How silly to interpret such moves as being less-than-strong on fighting terrorism! Anywho, from the South Florida Sun Slant-inel:
Clinton exhorted Democrats to challenge the administration on Iraq, Afghanistan and the war on terror, while seeming to bemoan the failure of former Democratic presidential candidates John Kerry and Al Gore to overcome claims that they were soft on defense.

"We've lost two elections and we lost them on the issue of security," Clinton told the United Auto Workers convention in Washington. Republicans "are doing it to us again," she said.
The Republicans are "doing it to" them. After all, nearly four decades of anti-military rhetoric and voting records by the Dems, as well as their allegiance to hippie leftist groups like Code Pinko and, has nothing to do with the public perception of them. Nope, it's the GOP's fault. Continuing:
"Two weeks ago, [White House political director] Karl Rove ... was telling the National Republican Committee 'Here's your game plan, folks, here's how you're gonna win -- we're gonna win by getting everybody scared again,'" Clinton said. "This crowd 'All we've got is fear and we are going to keep playing the fear card.'"
Sure, Hill. After all, it's not like we're at war with an enemy who wants us all dead or anything, and who killed 3,000+ of your constituents and our fellow countrymen, or anything like that! Just because they're trying to destroy us, and will use nukes or viruses or gas or whatever they can get their filthy vermin hands on, doesn't mean that we need to sweat it, right? Continuing:
Saying she takes "a backseat to nobody when it comes to fighting terrorism," Clinton accused the White House of portraying critics of Iraq and Afghanistan policy as comforting the enemy.

"Since when has it been part of American patriotism to keep our mouths shut?" she said.
If anyone knows anything about "taking the backseat", it's her hubby. Plus, it's not unpatriotic to criticize our foreign policy...provided you've got some legit complaints and proposed solutions. "Bush sucks" alone just isn't going to cut it, Hildabeast! Continuing:
Clinton drew thunderous applause when she mocked the administration's failure to track down the 6-foot-5 bin Laden. "You cannot explain to me why we have not captured or killed the tallest man in Afghanistan," she said.

In August 1998, Bill Clinton ordered an unsuccessful missile attack on bin Laden's base camp in Afghanistan, a fact Republicans eagerly pointed out Wednesday.

Aides to Ken Mehlman, chairman of the Republican National Committee, portrayed the speech as another example of Clinton's anger management problem.

"It's clear that Hillary Clinton does not understand that anger is not an agenda," said committee spokesman Danny Diaz. "While the junior senator from New York is busy attacking our commander-in-chief, the president is focused on taking the fight to the terrorists. ... It's a pre-9/11 world view."
Hard to find OBL when (a) your hubby turned him down when he was offered to us on a silver platter, and (b) he's hiding (or buried) deep in the caves of Afghanistan. Fortunately, this administration is at least trying to clean up the monumental mess that your hubby's ostrich-like policies wrought on this country. Finally:
Clinton followed Vermont Rep. Bernie Sanders, who slammed the Bush White House as "one of the worst in history" -- virtually the same criticism Clinton used during a fiery Martin Luther King Jr. Day speech in Harlem.
Notice that the Slant-inel failed to mention Bernie's political identification: socialist, affectionately referred to by the MSM as "Independent". liberal media bias! The fact that Shrillary appeared with an open professed socialist speaks loudly to her own leanings. For those of you who think Her Highness is a centrist, just remember that tidbit, m'kay?