Tuesday, March 14, 2006

CNN: Vibrant economy not as important now as in '90s

Leave it to CNN to come up with a new standard. Bill Schneider:
A lot of economists are saying things are pretty good around the country, uhhhh, and Americans seem to reflect that and they're optimistic also. About 60% say they expect things to be better next year even than they are now. Uhhh, that -- that's a good number. Normally, you know, the old cliché, uhhhh, from 1992, it's the economy, stupid? Well, the economy is doing well. But there's another rule in politics that goes like this. "If the economy is bad, the economy is the issue. If the economy is good, something else is the issue," and that seems to be the rule right now. The economy is pretty good, but people are upset over a lot of other things, most of all, Iraq.
Is it just me, or was getting Schneider to admit how the good the economy is doing like pulling teeth?

Let me get this straight:

During the Clinton scandals and impeachment, the economy trumped everything. Now that the economy is humming along, who cares? Got it. Thanks for the update. Fortunately, I didn't expect CNN to adhere to its same standard anyway.

Nope...no liberal media bias!