Thursday, May 25, 2006

Clinton to eulogize Bentsen at funeral

Former Senator, Treasury Secretary, and 1988 V.P. candidate Lloyd Bentsen (D-TX) passed away a couple of days ago. I pray that his family finds the strength to cope with their loss. My limited knowledge of the guy tells me that he was a fine man who just had a very different political ideology than I do. Rest in peace, sir.

Anyway, now it looks like Bubba is going to eulogize Bentsen at his funeral. I sure hope the Bentsen family knows what they're doing. After all, Bubba has a bad habit of yukking it up at funerals (see Ron Brown's funeral):

"So I said, 'Rectum? It damned near killed him!'
HAHAHAHA! That one cracks me up every time!"

"Oh, sh#t! Didn't see the camera!