Monday, July 24, 2006

Second Amendment stops further bloodshed in Memphis

While watching the national news Friday night, I saw a story from my hometown of Memphis that was pretty disturbing. From the Memphis fishwrap, the Commercial Appeal:
Justin Murchison had a matter-of-fact answer Friday when asked what would have happened had a Good Samaritan with a gun not put a stop to a stabbing rampage at a Cordova Schnucks:
"I'd be dead."

A knife-wielding employee of the grocery store at 9025 U.S. 64 stabbed seven co-workers Friday morning before the armed civilian apprehended him in the parking lot. Another person was accosted with a knife, and yet another was stricken with heat-related symptoms.

Late Friday, all the victims were alive.

The attacker, identified as 21-year-old Elartrice 'Marcell' Ingram, is in police custody. He is charged with nine counts of attempted first-degree murder -- seven stabbings, the threatening and the heat-related hospitalization.

Two victims -- Vincent Patterson, 36, and Murchison, 27 -- were treated and released from Saint Francis-Bartlett hospital. Barbara Marshall, 41, was admitted there in fair condition.

Anitra Flowers, 31, was in serious condition at the Regional Medical Center at Memphis. Victims Victoria Herbert and Theresa Howard were also at The Med, but their conditions were unknown. The conditions and identities of the other victims were unknown as well.

"I'm very lucky to be alive. If it wasn't for that guy with the gun, I think I'd be dead," said Murchison, who needed 25 staples to stitch up his head. "I'm just in a recovery stage. Tomorrow, it might really hit home."
Luckily for the knife-wielding attacker, he complied with Mr. Cope's request to cease attacking anyone else and to immediately disarm, lest he be rendered DRT (Dead Right There). Toes-up. Pushing up daisies. Taking a dirt nap. Worm food. You get the drift.

As The Truth Hurts points out, the boobs at the financially troubled looting network known as Airhead America were discussing how life would be so much better here in the States if only that pesky Second Amendment thingee were non-existent. I would venture to guess that in addition to Mr. Murchison, the other good folks around the Schnuck's supermarket do not share that opinion.