Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Islamofascists release video and transcript of adbucted camera crew

From the Beeb:
A previously unknown militant (sic) group has released a video of two Western journalists who were kidnapped in the Gaza Strip nine days ago.

Olaf Wiig, 36, and Steve Centanni, 60, of US channel Fox News, were shown telling their families they were in "fairly good health".

A fax from the "Holy Jihad Brigades" to news agencies demanded the US release "Muslim prisoners" within 72 hours.

The video was sent to the Qatar-based TV news channel al-Jazeera TV. (Boy, the jihadists sure feel comfy enough to send correspondence to their contacts at the "independent" and "unbiased" al-Jazeera Terrorvision Network, don't they? - Ed.)

The two men were kidnapped in Gaza City on 14 August. The footage shows the two men seated on the ground side-by-side and cross-legged, in an apparently darkened room, dressed in tracksuits.

Call for pressure

"We're in fairly good condition, we're alive and well," Mr Centanni, a US citizen and a Fox News reporter, says in the video.

"Just want to let you know I'm here and alive and give my love to my family and friends and ask you to do anything you can to try to help us get out of here."

He adds that the two men have been given access to clean water, showers, toilets, food and clothing.

Mr Wiig, a cameraman from New Zealand, asks his family and supporters to apply pressure for their release on the Palestinian government in Gaza and the West Bank.

"To my family, I love you all. Please don't worry, I'll do all the worrying for us," Mr Wiig says.

The group also issued pictures of the journalists' identity cards, and, in a separate statement faxed to news agencies, called for a prisoner release within three days.

"We will give you one chance that will not be repeated - the liberation of Muslims detained in American prisons in exchange for the detainees in our hands," the statement read.

"We give you a deadline of 72 hours starting from today at noon to decide."

The group did not say what would happen to the two journalists if the US did not meet their demand.

"If you implement our conditions we will implement our promise, otherwise you will have to wait," the statement said.
"The group did not say what would happen to the two journalists if the US did not meet their demand"? If history is any indicator, they will be decapitated on video, and the tape will wind up in the hands guessed

For some recent leftist commenters here: these are the savages you think we should be negotiating with, gentlemen!