Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Rangel would zero-fund Iraq war

From The Hill:
Rep. Charles Rangel (D-N.Y.) will chair the powerful Ways and Means Committee if Democrats win control of the House next year, but his main goal in 2007 does not fall within his panel’s jurisdiction.

“I can’t stop this war,” a frustrated Rangel said in a recent interview, reiterating his vow to retire from Congress if Democrats fall short of a majority in the House.

But when pressed on how he could stop the war even if Democrats control the House during the last years of President Bush’s second term, Rangel paused before saying, “You’ve got to be able to pay for the war, don’t you?”

Rangel’s views on funding the war are shared by many of his colleagues – especially within the 73-member Out of Iraq Caucus.

Some Democratic legislators want to halt funding for the war immediately, while others say they would allocate money for activities such as reconstruction, setting up international security forces, and the ultimate withdrawal of U.S. troops.

“Personally, I wouldn’t spend another dime [on the war,]” said Rep. Lynn Woolsey (D-Calif.).

Woolsey is among the Democrats in Congress who are hoping to control the power of the purse in 2007 to force an end to the war. Woolsey and some of her colleagues note that Congress helped force the end of Vietnam War by refusing to pay for it.
There you have it. If Dems win the election, then Iraq will be zero-funded. If this isn't a de facto strategy of "cut and run", then Bill Clinton is a level-headed choir boy.

It's quite simple, folks. If you believe that the "cut-and-run" approach is the best method in dealing with Iraq, then vote for Dems and it will be done. If, however, you fear that "cut-and-run" will send the same signal of weakness to the Dark Ages jihadist camelhumpers that prior administrations have sent (from Carter's Iranian fiasco to Reagan's Beirut withdrawal to Bubba's limpwristed anemic reactions), then you must do your part to ensure that "Chairman Rangel" does not become a reality.

Choose wisely.