Tuesday, October 24, 2006

"Democrats Suffer Bouts of Optimism, Prozac Sales Plunge"

Awesome piece of satire from Scrappleface:
October 23, 2006
Democrats Suffer Bouts of Optimism, Prozac Sales Plunge
by Scott Ott

(2006-10-23) — With polls showing Republicans could lose control of Congress after the November elections, Capitol Hill physicians have been swamped with Democrats reporting symptoms of optimism, a condition almost unknown among their people.

Eli Lilly, the maker of the anti-depressant drug Prozac, annouced today that sales in the Washington D.C. region have plunged in the weeks since former Rep. Mark Foley, R-FL, stepped down in the wake of scandal involving lurid emails to Congressional pages. And each time CNN announces a new body count plateau for American troops in Iraq, the company said, Prozac sales in the D.C. area dip again. ('Twould be funny if it weren't so true! - Ed.)

“Our core customer base in this area is rapidly vanishing,” said an unnamed Lilly spokesman.

“However, longterm prospects for Prozac look bright,” he added, “since optimism is an acute condition among Democrats, not chronic.”

“They’re only optimistic about winning and about power,” he said. “Even if they sweep in November, their view of America’s future will lead them right back to the pharmacist, but this time they’ll have long coat-tails, bringing much of America with them.” (God help us! - Ed.)

“For the anti-depressant industry,” he added, “a Democrat-controlled Congress means happy days are here again.”
Kudos to Scott for nailing the doom-and-despair party on this one.

The Democrat leadership getting their campaign theme out