Monday, January 15, 2007

NBC decries O'Reilley's accusation of bias...with biased comPost retort

Nothing says "we're not biased" quite like a biased and distorted article from your liberal brethren. From the Washington comPost:
A war of words between Bill O'Reilly and NBC has erupted into a shouting match that is overheated, mean-spirited and incredibly entertaining.

"NBC News has gone sharply to the left," the Fox News star said on his radio show in early January. "They are an activist network now. They hate Bush across the board."

Fox News's Bill O'Reilly, far left, has had nasty words for NBC News, and his rival Keith Olbermann, left, may be the reason, according to MSNBC's Joe Scarborough, above. Geraldo Rivera, right, has defended O'Reilly. (Msnbc Photo - Msnbc Photo)

Such comments prompted MSNBC's Joe Scarborough to break with his fellow conservative. "Why does Bill O'Reilly hate NBC so much?" Scarborough declared on his show.
O'Reilly declined to be interviewed for this column, but Fox News spokeswoman Irena Briganti says he "has exposed media bias for the last 10 years. This is nothing new. We don't know why NBC finds the label 'liberal' so insulting."

Scarborough says O'Reilly is being driven by animosity toward Keith Olbermann, whose MSNBC show "Countdown" has been gaining in the ratings. "He's allowed his anger toward Keith Olbermann to damage his credibility," Scarborough says.

Olbermann, who faces off with O'Reilly at 8 p.m., has been denouncing his rival for years. He positions his program as an increasingly liberal alternative to the "O'Reilly Factor" and frequently bestows on "Bill-O" his "Worst Person in the World" award. "Countdown" was up 60 percent in the fourth quarter over a year earlier, to 656,000 viewers. But "Factor," despite a 21 percent decline during the same period, still dwarfs the competition with 2.049 million viewers.
In other words, Billy O is "driven by animosity" and "damaging his credibility" by detesting a guy whose ratings are 32% of his own? OK, so I assume that Coca Cola is "driven by anomosity" against RC Cola?

Seriously, this "Keith O's ratings have increased by 60%" is hilarious. I mean, if his little-watched show went from one viewer to two viewers, then that would be an increase of 100%! Wow...a 100% increase! Wouldn't that put a dent in Billy O's 2+ million viewer audience?

Blowhard Billy O sees Keith Blabberman as a chihuahua, an annoying little dog that yaps a lot but otherwise gets the crap kicked out of it on a routine basis. It looks to me that NBC and their leftist apologists at the comPost are a little thin-skinned at O'Reilly's (accurate) accusations of liberal bias.