Tuesday, January 23, 2007

News bytes

  • Al Qaeda mocks new Bush strategy in Iraq. Ironically Coincidentally, so do Democrats. Go figure.

  • "Scientist" Group's Funding Comes with Liberal "Strings Attached". See, it's bad if Big Oil contributes to studies that cast doubts on global "warming", but perfectly acceptable if liberal groups beholden to anti-capitalist faux-green groups contribute to studies. Putting the "mental" in "environMENTALists", aren't they?

  • Deranged Iranian leader Ahmanutjob may be on thin ice in terms of holding onto power in Iran. Here's guessing that regardless of how badly Iranians may dislike Israel or the U.S., they don't want their country reduced to a parking lot in the Middle East. That would be the end result, too, if Ahmanutjob nukes one of those countries as he's vowed to do.

  • CNN is falling all over itself to debunk a story that could be damaging to one of its idols. Media darling, empty suit, and presidential wannabe Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) has fought to refute a rumor that he attended a "radical Muslim school known as a 'madrassa'" when he was a child. The rumor was dredged up by...associates of fellow Democrat (and fellow presidential wannabe) Hillary Clinton! She's not gonna let this guy siphon her MSM love away and deprive her of her coronation!

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