Wednesday, February 28, 2007

NY Times laments "Cheney secrecy"...the day after assassination attempt

D'oh! From the Old Gray Hag:
Mr. Cheney’s trip to Pakistan was shrouded in unusual secrecy. In trips to Pakistan last year, President Bush and Secretary State Condoleezza Rice announced their plans days in advance, and reporters filed articles on their visits as soon as they landed. But Mr. Cheney’s traveling press pool was sworn to secrecy, and allowed to report only the barest details just before he left.
American officials did not explain the extraordinary secrecy surrounding Mr. Cheney’s visit to Pakistan, a country the administration has cast as a stable nation moving gradually toward democracy. Mr. Cheney’s aides told The Times and other news organizations that the Secret Service had imposed the requirement that there be no mention of his trip until he had left Pakistan.
Now WHY would Cheney need to be so hush-hush and keep his visits on the down-low? It's not like Islamic terrorists have tried to kill him or anything!

Oh, wait...yeah, they did. The day before this article hit the stands. Oops.

Nicely done, NYT. When you're not busy blabbing national security details and classified material all over your front pages, you're lamenting that the Veep doesn't make himself a bigger target to the bloodthirsty camelhumper world. Are you that hard-up for writing material these days?

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