Monday, April 02, 2007

Dems see mandate in giving terrorists rights

No, by "mandate", I am not talking about Barney Frank's weekend plans. From the Washington comPost:
Despite the [veto] threats, Democratic lawmakers expect to open new fronts against the president when they return from their spring recess, including politically risky efforts to quickly close the prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba; reinstate legal rights for terrorism suspects; and rein in what Democrats see as unwarranted encroachments on privacy and civil liberties allowed by the USA Patriot Act.
"I suppose there's always a risk of going too far," said House Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer (D-Md.), "but the risk of not going is far greater."

Backed by a unified party and fresh from a slew of legislative victories, Democratic leaders appear to believe there is hardly any territory they cannot stray onto, a development that has Republican political operatives gleeful and some Democrats worried. Rep. Tom Cole (Okla.), chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee, warned of a "political price" at the polls: "If they let their constituents and their ideology drive them past the point where the American people are comfortable, they will find how quickly the voters will react."

This is what the Dems think the American people put them in power for? Yeah, sure, the message from November 2006 from the electorate was loud and clear: "We will NOT sleep until al Qaeda gets creature comforts and access to the John Edwardses of the world!"

Apparently, Dem advisers who aren't fitted for tinfoil hats see the potential perils with this absurd track:
Leon E. Panetta, who was a top White House aide when President Bill Clinton pulled himself off the mat through repeated confrontations with Congress, sees the same risk. He urged Democrats to stick to their turf on such issues as immigration, health care and popular social programs, and to prove they can govern.

"That's where their strength is," Panetta said. "If they go into total confrontation mode on these other things, where they just pass bills and the president vetoes them, that's a recipe for losing seats in the next election."

And Dems wonder why they have a reputation as being pansies on national security?

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