Monday, May 21, 2007

Quote of the day

BEVERAGE ALERT! Put down your drink before reading this. From Nancy Pe-loco, regarding the "points system" part of the illegal alien sham-nesty bill:
The point system Pelosi refers to would grant those seeking citizenship points based on English proficiency, work history, family status and passing a criminal background check.

“We’re about families and family values,” Pelosi added.

Oh. My. (insert politically correct deity here). The party of abortion-on-demand and "oral sex isn't sex" and running a prostitution ring (er, "escort service") is going to call itself "pro-family"? Pffffff-bwhahahahahahahaha! Oh my...I haven't laughed that hard since Dan Quayle misspelled "potatoe" or Dukakis rode in the tank (before his election went in the tank)!

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