Thursday, July 05, 2007

Quote of the day, with some perspective

From Globe Gazette:
Mason City VFW members are refusing to march in the Clear Lake Fourth of July parade Wednesday because they are not being allowed to fire their rifles.

The Secret Service, in Clear Lake to provide protection for former president Bill Clinton and his wife, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, will not allow firearms in the parade, said Jim Kantaris, quartermaster of VFW Post 733 in Mason City.

“There’s too much political stuff. They’re making us change 50 years of tradition because of two people,” said Kantaris. “And one of them is a draft dodger who turned the White House into a whorehouse.

While I certainly love the "White House into a whorehouse" comment, I have to disagree with Kantaris' view on the gun thing for one reason: it is a security issue with a former president and his partner in crime "wife" there.

Obviously, I'm no fan of Bubba or Shrillary, Duh. But I have enough respect for the office of the president to know that former presidents should be entitled to maximum protection, and while the guns may fire blanks, it's still a security risk. Yes, it sucks to deviate from tradition, but them's the breaks.

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