Thursday, July 19, 2007

Silky Pony botches analogy about poverty

The Breck Girl, he of the $1200 'do and energy hog multi-million dollar mansion, tries again to relate to the "common man" in the "other America" in which he doesn't live. From BTN:

Silky Tells Matthews That Being Poor Is Not Being able To Eat At Restaurants
07.17.2007 - 04:03 PM | Greg Hengler

Chris Matthews really strokes the Silky Pony's mane here. First, Silky is invited by Matthews to debate on Hardball against other Dems but his Silkiness says that he will agree to only if ALL candidates will be invited. This coming after the secret conversation caught on live mic between the Silkster and Hillary. How fair of him. Next, Silks answers Matthews' question: "Tell the people what it's like to be poor?" Silky tells the cliff notes version of his often-told story of leaving a restaurant as a young lad after his father saw how he could not afford to eat there. That's poor! Not eating out. Wow, if Silky keeps on his "Poverty Tour" everyone will be able to eat at Spago's.

This guy is a virtual cornucopia of material for the blogosphere, isn't he?