Saturday, October 23, 2004

President Bush at my house!

Like Jon Lovitz would say..."Yeah, that's the ticket!"

OK, W. wasn't at my house, but he was in my city. The president came to a packed house in Alltel stadium. There were more people there for him than for a Jaguars game.

By comparison, John Edwards (aka The Breck Girl) was in Jacksonville last night, to a packed capacity crowd of...about 2,500. As opposed to Bush having about 30 times the crowd.

North Florida will pull for Bush big time. Now if only we can offset the condo commando "gimme" generation of geriatrics along the Gold Coast of Palm Beach - Broward - Dade counties. Only time will tell.

Gotta go...throwin' a Halloween party. I know, it's a week early, but with the Florida - Georgia football game being here next weekend, nobody would we're having it a week early.