Sunday, December 12, 2004

Kerik's withdrawal from Homeland Security Chief

I think it was a mistake for Bush to have nominated a man without a thorough background check, and that failure has resulted in a little bit of an embarrassment for him. Former NYPD Police Chief Bernard Kerik may have been a good fit for Homeland Security top dog, but when part of your job deals with immigration law and you may have violated said laws by employing a person of questionable immigration status...well, needless to say, it doesn't look good.

Having said that...

The two-faced nature of Democrats has come through again. Senate Dems, especially Florida's own Bill Nelson (who will be defeated in 2006 by Jeb Bush), have taken a sick pleasure in this development. We're talking about the man who will run an agency that is dedicated to our republic's preservation, yet these sickos see nothing but political opportunity. And they wonder why they keep losing elections?

By the way, the hypocritical nature of it comes into play when you consider that both of New York's Senators, Hillary Clinton and Chuckie Schumer (noth Democrats), gave glowing endorsements of Kerik. Those outside of NY have been the vocal critics, thus undermining the credibility of those two...especially telling, since Shrillary likely plans on running for President in '08.