Thursday, December 02, 2004

Ed Koch: Advice for Democrats

Ed Koch is a former mayor of New York City. Democrat mayor, pretty liberal guy. Yet he endorsed Bush this year, and said that Kerry and the national Democratic party was on the wrong side of defense and the war on terror.

Koch is no Zell Miller. Miller is a conservative Democrat, some would say a DINO (Democrat In Name Only). Koch disagrees with Bush on tax cuts, Social Security, welfare, etc. But Koch very much loves his country and believes that all other issues are trumped by national security and the war on terror, and he believes that his party has failed miserably in that regard.

Anyway, his commentary is here. He offers some advice to the national Democrats on how to move their party to a different his words, "center left" instead of the current makeup of "radical left." Here's a tidbit from it:

Since the elections, Democrats have declined to take any action to start moving the party in a different direction. It may happen, but I doubt it. If changes don't take place, I have no doubt that the reverses the party suffered this year -- a four-seat loss in the House, a five-seat loss in the Senate and, of course, an unsuccessful presidential bid -- will continue.

In order for the Democratic Party to reverse these losses there has to be a major realignment. The Democratic Party should be center left. It is or appears to be radical left.

While I disagree with his take on a number of issues he mentions, I agree with some others (such as his take on partial-birth abortion). I also respect the fact that he articulates his points well and is not the least bit unreasonable...which means the national Democrats will ignore his advice. We should hope they do!