Monday, January 31, 2005

Iraqis vote en masse; Kerry calls election "failure"

John F'ing Kerry, fresh off of his electoral ass-beating, went on Russert's little-watched Meet the Press (hat tip to the poor schmucks who actually did watch it) show on Sunday to comment on, among other things, Iraq's elections.

In short, Kerry called the elections a failure, and cautioned Iraqis not to get too excited about their newly found fledgling democracy (and first freeelection in about 50 years). Seems about 75% of Iraqis felt much differently than the rich woman's toy felt. Thanks for the words of encouragement, you haughty French-looking self-righteous bastard. No damned wonder he lost by 3.5 million votes!

Anyway, here are a couple of pictures that are more telling of what Iraqis themselves think of their election:

Seems these good people of the Al Monsour district in western Baghdad walked along the freeway Jan. 30, 2005, to get to their polling sites. One 75-year-old man traveled three miles in his wheelchair, just for a shot at democracy. "My poor nephew pushed me all the way. But I had to come. Now that the criminal Saddam is gone this could be my only chance to vote." Boortz had this one right: "I wonder what Hillary Clinton would say to this man right now? After all, she was the one that said people, and specifically women, were better off under Saddam Hussein."


A proud voter showing that he did indeed exercise his right. By the way, note the purple ink on the index finger. It means you've already voted. We should adopt that here, to keep people from voting more than once. Naturally, liberals would complain that it would "profile" voters. Of course it would...the fradulent voters. That's a plum liberal constituency, and they don't want to lose these multivoters without a fight!

Sunnis boycotted the polls in sizeable numbers. Whoopty-freakin'-doo! Like I said before, all that means is that they consent to be governed by the ruling party, since they abdicated their desire to get involved in the shaping of their future. Hopefully, American liberals will follow their cue.