Friday, January 28, 2005

"Senator 'Cut-and-Run'"

These words, from Neal Boortz:

It is an absolute mystery why the citizens of the state of Massachusetts have elected and re-elected Ted Kennedy to the Senate over and over again for 42 years. Because every time he speaks out on an issue, he is an absolute embarrassment to his constituents.

Now the brave hero of Chappaquiddick has decided to regale us with his solution to the growing insurgency in Iraq. It's all so easy. We just leave! We cut and run. That's right, he's calling for the United States to simply leave Iraq. "There will be more serious violence if we continue our present dangerous and reckless course," said the Senator. Oh really? What does he propose will happen if we just leave?

First of all .. someone has to say this, so I will. With those words yesterday Ted Kennedy signed a death warrant for more American soldiers. Those words encouraged the people in Iraq who are trying to kill their fellow Iraqis and as many American troops as they can. If, in the next few days, you get that knock on the door telling you that your son or daughter was killed in a bombing in Iraq, you might want to reflect on the role Ted Kennedy played in that tragedy. I just can't say it strongly enough. This man is a vile, repugnant leftist pig and he's costing lives .. American lives ... in Iraq.

So .. what if we do follow Kennedy's advice? What will happen is another Taliban, that's what. The Islamic jihadists will immediately take over, start executing all of the non-believers, enslave the women and institute a terrorist state. Training camps would be set up, and we would have a whole new generation of suicide bombers, hijackers and Al-Qaeda hit men, all thanks to Teddy Kennedy's disastrous foreign policy advice.

What kind of message would that send to the rest of the world? To the Iraqi people? To the other members of the Coalition? The wrong message. Then again, Ted Kennedy specializes in cutting and running. Just ask Mary Jo Kopechne.
Why add anything else to that? Boortz said all that needs to be said.