Monday, January 24, 2005

At least THIS Kennedy didn't kill her!

A new documentary set to be released this week shows Ted Kennedy's son abusing an African-American female security guard at Los Angeles International Airport five years ago.

A clip in "Taking on the Kennedys," filmed by director Josh Seftel, captures Rep. Patrick Kennedy, D-RI, getting physical with security guard Della Patton as Patton was loading his luggage into a scanner.

Kennedy, who insisted he was in a rush to catch a flight back to Boston, allegedly pushed Patton and grabbed her by the arm when she informed him that she would have to inspect his carry-on bag because it wouldn't fit through the x-ray machine.
A video surveillance tape captured the March 26, 2000 incident but was never released.

The New York Post, however, reports that Seftel's documentary includes video of "Kennedy getting into a 'physical altercation' with a female airport security guard."

Rep. Kennedy, who wasn't charged in the incident, denied he had manhandled Patton. But in July 2000 he offered her $25,000 to settle the dispute. On the advice of her attorney, Greg Mallory, Patton rejected the offer.

She was later fired from her job, with Mallory claiming Rep. Kennedy was responsible.
Patton should be thankful that she didn't meet the same fate as her assailant's father's victim, Mary Jo Kopechne. At least Patton is alive to tell about it!