Wednesday, March 09, 2005

John Leo: Can liberalism survive?

Hat tip to Steve-O for passing this on to me. An excellent column by John Leo of US News and World Report. Full column is here, excerpt is below:
Bitter. Liberals have been slow to grasp the mainstream reaction to the no-values culture, chalking it up to Karl Rove, sinister fundamentalists, racism, or the stupidity of the American voter. Since November 2, the withering contempt of liberals for ordinary Americans has been astonishing. Voting for Bush gave "quite average Americans a chance to feel superior," said Andrew Hacker, a prominent liberal professor at Queens College. We are seeing the bitterness of elites who wish to lead, confronted by multitudes who do not wish to follow. Liberals might one day conclude that while most Americans value autonomy, they do not want a procedural republic in which patriotism, religion, socialization, and traditional values are politically declared out of bounds. Many Americans notice that liberalism nowadays lacks a vocabulary of right and wrong, declines to discuss virtue except in snickering terms, and seems increasingly hostile to prevailing moral sentiments.
One of my biggest beefs about liberalism (and there are plenty of beefs to have) is their arrogance and condescending attitude towards normal America. Funny...aren't they always accusing Bush of being arrogant? They should know true arrogance when they see it.