Saturday, April 30, 2005

The Hildabitch has a lot of damned nerve!

So NY's junior bitch Senator (not to be confused with the senior bitch, Chucky Schumer) is blaming the Bush administration for the fact that North Korea's nukes can reach American soil! Full story here.

Here's a delicious quote for you from Her Highness:
"They couldn't do that when George Bush became president, and now they can," Mrs. Clinton complained to the New York Times.
I'm going to ignore the obvious: she was bitching to the NYT. They love her over there. She shares their brand of socialism.

Uh, Queen Dumb Ass? I know you were a little busy guarding Fox Bill's intern henhouse, as well as browbeating subordinates (sidebar: aren't liberals mad at John Bolton for doing the same thing as Her Highness routinely does? But I digress...) during the 90's to notice, but your hubby gave the NorKoms the damned nuclear material in the FIRST PLACE! Hello?!?! Are you that stupid, or are you hoping the American public is? I mean, I know the NYT will cover your ass, but don't expect the increasingly influential cybersphere to do the same!

Damned, this bitch knows no shame! Don't hold your breath waiting for the MSM to call her on it. Fortunately, though, Andy Card did on Russert's show. Russert posed the question as though what Shrillary said was a valid point, and Card pointed the finger at her hubby. Russert looked like that was news to him, which it probably was.