Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Media blackout of anti-Hillary book

For those who don't know, Edward Klein has written a book about Hillary Clinton. It's not flattering, to say the least. As much as I can't stand the air that the elitist bitch breathes, I think Klein's book comes across in some respects (i.e. allegations that she's gay, that Bill raped her after informing someone of his intentions, etc.) as tabloid trash. Other aspects of it that describe the contempt she has for average Americans, including the police and the military (despite her newfound, just-in-time-for-campaign "respect" for the armed forces), are quite believable and well-documented. But if part of the book is sleazy and poorly-researched, isn't it fair to ask what other parts of it are? To be fair, I haven't read the book yet, so I'm not fully qualified to comment extensively. I can only go by quotes and excerpts I've read online, seen on TV, or heard on the radio.

Having said that, I do find the MSM double standard interesting, but not surprising. Anyone remember Kitty Kelley? She once coined herself "the Queen of sleeze", and she wrote a book called The Family which purported, among other things, that George W. Bush snorted coke at Camp David when his dad was President. Excellent insight into just who (or what) Kitty Kelley is: link

I know that the kook fringe of the left believes that Bush is some overgrown frat boy who boozes and cokes it up (past and present), so this stuff is red meat for them. However, her source (yes, that's singular) was Neil Bush's scorned ex-wife Sharon, who had once hit up W. for a $467,000 loan to keep her Houston mansion. He refused. 'Nuff said, right? Well, Sharon (to her defense) publicly says that she never said anything of the sort about W., which means that (a) Sharon's lying, which would grant legitimacy to Kelley's stories (and we just know how reliable Kelley is); or (b) Kelley made it up. You be the judge.

Kelley also wrote trash books about Nancy Reagan. She alleged that Nancy and Sinatra had an affair (including a romp in the CA governor's mansion when Ronnie was guv), that Nancy reportedly told her that Ronnie "orders killings like he orders linguine", and that Ronnie knocked up a woman years ago and left her high and dry. Her sources are often those with a bone to pick with the subject.

So, this supermarket tabloid artist releases an anti-Bush book last year before the election, and what reaction does she get from the MSM? Well, America's perky liberal Katie Couric books her on the Today show (which, thankfully, no one watches anymore) to help her plug her book. For three days. Other MSM sources gave her face time in order to give her story legs to run with.

So I guess my only point is that if the MSM is blacking out Klein's book because it's supposedly full of trash and innuendo, then why did they give Kitty Kelley the time of day? Anti-Hillary book: circle the wagons around Her Highness, and ignore the knave! Anti-Bush book: let's see what the author has to say! media bias.