Monday, June 27, 2005

Ted Kennedy to Rumsfeld: "Resign"

During a Senate grilling session last week, Scuba Boy Ted Kennedy asked Rumsfeld if he would resign. "Don't you think it's time you resigned?" he asked. Rummy responded thusly: "Senator, I've offered my resignation to the president twice. Both times, he declined to accept it."

I am constantly amazed at the level of gall that this cretin from MA posseses! I would have loved for Rummy to have responded with something like this:

"Senator, considering that you have killed more human beings with your car than I have ever personally killed; and considering that you let said human being die a slow torturous death; don't you think that you of all people should be the last person to lecture anyone on torture, and that you should be the one who resigns?"

Yeah, the folks of MA keep re-electing Teddy. That means that his bosses (the voters) approve of his performance...God knows how, but they do. Rummy's boss (W.) approves of his performance. So if it's good enough for Scuba Boy to keep his job because his bosses are happy, then it's good enough for Rummy to keep his job for the same reason.

So while Howard Dean bloviates about Tom DeLay starting a jail sentence, I wonder how the Screamer feels about his party looking to a drunken murderer like Ted Kennedy for leadership, hmmm?