Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Reflections on our Independence Day

Neal Boortz asks a good rhetorical question:
While you're watching the road races, the parades and the fireworks today, maybe -- just maybe -- you could ask yourself whether you would have been with the majority or the minority on July 4th, 1776. The majority? Those were the colonists who were perfectly happy, thank you very much, to live under British control. The minority? Those were the people dedicated the idea of freedom and personal liberty, the people who were willing to put all that they had at risk .. even their lives .. for the cause of independence.
That's true, though I'm not certain if it was really a majority or just a sizable minority. However, the point is that a large number of colonials were content living under the "all-providing" government of the British monarchy, willing to resign themselves to a less than independent life in order to nurse off of the bosom of the nanny-state abroad.

With the attack on private property rights, personal retirement savings accounts, and individual responsibility, it looks like the Tories from over 220 years ago are attempting a comeback here in America. The only question is: Will they succeed in their efforts to return us to government dependency over self-sufficiency?

A citizenry that sacrifices liberty for security will have neither.