Friday, July 15, 2005


That "non-partisan" with a huge credibility problem, Joe Wilson, is having a press conference today with that "non-partisan" Democrat from New York, Sen. Chuckie Schumer, to call on the White House to suspend Rove's security clearance.

Wilson was a Clinton appointee, married to a liberal Democrat, and he raised money for Kerry's failed campaign last year. He said before his wife's name was published by Bob Novak that he wanted to see "Rove frog-marched out in handcuffs." He has claimed all along to be "non-partisan."

Which is why he can't hold a press conference without liberal Demorcat Chuckie Schumer...right, Joey?

UPDATED: A liberal visitor here (and he is welcome, as he has always been civil) brought the above correction to my attention. Wilson's comments about Rove came after the publishing of Plame's already publicly available name...though before he knew Rove had mentioned Plame (namelessly, not that it matters) to Matthew Cooper of Time. Unlike the NYT, I print corrections here.

Also, HaloScan has been having maintenance issues this morning, so I'll preview a comment I am going to lay out in more detail. Basically, outlining Wilson's purported "non-partisan" nature:

  • He campaigned for Kerry in six states, including several campaign speeches.
  • He contributed $1000 to the Bush 2000 campaign .
  • He contributed $2000 to the Gore 2000 campaign (couldn't imagine he'd have an axe to grind with the man who gave him a negative return on that investment!).
  • Wilson also contributed $2,000 to both Ted Kennedy and Hillary Clinton. 'Nuff said right there, huh?
  • The Washington Times reported (Feb. 14, 2003) that Wilson also accepted a high-level position with the Kerry campaign (wasn't this before the Plame story?)

    There's more to the reply, but these are just summaries of the activities of the "non-partisan" Joe Wilson.