Thursday, July 14, 2005

CBS News starting a blog

Yes, it looks like "See? B.S." is starting a blog. Scrappleface has the big news (warning for the humor-impaired: satire follows!):
In an effort to bring credibility to a media realm populated by "agenda-driven, rumor-mongering, unedited hacks who blur the line between fact and opinion," CBS News announced today it would launch a 'blog' called 'Public Eye'.

"The word 'blog' -- short for weblog -- has traditionally meant an online journal of commentary on the news which uninformed readers often mistake for actual news," said Andrew Heyward, president of CBS News. "Public Eye will bring legitimacy to the medium the way United Nations involvement legitimizes U.S. foreign policy."

'Public Eye' will differ from the vast majority of news-oriented blogs, Mr. Heyward said, "because it will be written by attractive veteran reporters, dressed in business attire, rather than disgruntled journalist-wannabes, lounging in pajamas."

"The blogosphere should welcome the arrival of this 900-pound gorilla of the news business," he added. "The presence of CBS News in the blog market will breathe new life into a dying beast, and rescue it from extinction. The blogosphere will soon be associated with the trust that Dan Rather and other unbiased CBS journalists have earned over the decades."