Thursday, August 25, 2005

ACLU Lawyers Volunteer to Get Their Heads Sawed Off

This is the headline at one of the most hilarious satirical blogs I've seen, called The People's Cube. Here is the link to the satirical story, an excerpt of which follows:
Getting one's head sawed off might seem like reason for concern, but in fact, ACLU lawyers turning themselves over to their Guantanamo clients for this purpose have gone a long way in addressing Taliban dissatisfaction with the camp's amenities like poor wi-fi reception.

In an unprecedented display of compassion, volunteers from the ACLU and Amnesty International are lining up to get their heads sawed off by disgruntled Taliban prisoners. This new spirit of international caring has its genesis in the Human Shields tradition.


Another point of optimism is that United States Senator Richard "Dick" Durbin has enthusiastically volunteered to have his head sawed off. "Not even Pol Pot denied his victims three telephone lines in each room, secure remote printing, ergonomic chairs, a microwave, and a whirlpool. Not even the Nazis denied their victims in-room movie channels. Therefore, as a gesture to our guests, and a symbol from America to the world, I will proudly march into a cell and plead with the guests to please saw my head off. They are our customers, and our customers are always right."
Nice to see that when the ACLU isn't tying up our courts trying to get IRS non-profit statuses removed from churches, they're assuaging their liberal guilt by allowing themselves to be decapitated!

For those of you in blue states, the above story is satire, which means it's not really true.