Wednesday, August 24, 2005

MSM portrays crazy Robertson as reflective of the right

The MSM on Tuesday jumped all over Pat Robertson's Monday suggestion that Venezuela's leftist President Hugo Chavez should be assassinated soon, in order to avoid a costly war down the road. Stupid comments, Pat, especially from a Christian leader. Hell, the only thing stupider is the MSM's reaction to it. From Newsbusters:
All three broadcast network evening newscasts featured full stories, with ABC's World News Tonight making it the lead. Anchor Charles Gibson snidely forwarded: "A popular Christian broadcaster says assassination is the way to deal with one world leader who criticizes the U.S. Some ask, 'is this Pat Robertson's definition of Christian love?'" CBS played a clip of Donald Rumsfeld dismissing Robertson as just another example of how "private citizens say all kinds of things all the time," and Gloria Borger then countered by touting Robertson's prominence: "But Robertson is not just any private citizen. He's a former Republican presidential candidate with a large evangelical following."


Robertson "may have no clout with the Bush administration, but you wouldn't know that from watching CNN today," FNC's Brit Hume noted in reviewing the competing cable network's all-day obsession -- a focus which continued into the evening with Robertson leading the 7pm EDT Anderson Cooper 360 (hosted by Heidi Collins), the 8pm EDT Paula Zahn Now and the 10pm EDT NewsNight with Aaron Brown who tried to hold the whole religious right culpable as he asserted that "political leaders worried it makes the so-called Christian Right seem neither Christian nor right." Robertson was also the first topic covered by MSNBC's 7pm Hardball with Chris Matthews and 8pm Countdown with Keith Olbermann.
The press hopes they can take the comments of a foolish old man and tie them to represent Republicans, libertarians, Christians, or any other right-of-center group whose existence offends the left. However, unlike how the left embraces their kooks, the right usually denounces theirs. liberal media bias.