Monday, August 08, 2005

More Air America fallout, and NYT fiddles while AA burns

You'd think that with Air America having stolen from a NYC charity, that bastion of media impartiality, the NY Times, would have been on the story like Barney Frank on a Key West cruiseline. But no...the paper is silent. I mean, even the lefty State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer, who is running for governor of NY next year, feels the need to investigate the liberal radio network for pilfering nearly $1 million from needy kids and Alzheimer patients in NYC in order to subsidize the expensive tastes of the limousine liberals at AA. Thanks to the NY Post for reporting what the NYT should be. I mean, the AG takes the time to check it out, yet nary a peep from the Old Gray Hag (I'm referring to the NYT, not Helen Thomas).

No, instead, the Times is too busy digging up dirt on SCOTUS nominee John Roberts' adopted children. Thank God (insert deity here) that those enlightened protectors at the Times are doing the tough jobs needed to keep us well informed in a meaningful way. I mean, if I find out that Jack Roberts likes ballet instead of skeet shooting, I'll flip out like David Gregory and Terry Moran at a DC press conference over the Plamegate affair!

At least the NYT is consistent with their investigative reporting. Oh...wait...never mind. NotSoBlueStater observes:
When the Swift Boats Veterans for Truth started getting some traction with their accusations against Kerry, the NY Times immediately sent two top reporters to Texas to try to link their funding back to the Bush campaign. After a week of digging, The Times produced a lengthy expose and a fancy chart that basically proved that Texas Republicans historically help each other get elected. The horror.

The dollar amount of the donation in question was $250,000. The dollar amount in the Air America scandal is almost $900k.

I'd say that if a legal $250k donation justifies sending two reporters halfway across the country for a week, $900k of embezzled funds in your own city probably justifies one reporter for a half day.

But that's just me...
Click to enlarge:

Well, the Post shows that AA has lost its excuse for delaying the repayment of the stolen money.
Officials at the ultra-liberal radio network have repeatedly said Air America intends to repay the money, but claimed they put those plans on hold because of the city probe.

"We're waiting for directions from the investigators on how to proceed," Air America spokeswoman Jamie Horn said this week.

But the Department of Investigation said there is nothing to prevent the radio network from repaying its debt immediately.

"DOI has done nothing and given no instruction preventing payment of money owed to Gloria Wise [Boys & Girls Club]. Any statements to the contrary are inaccurate," said DOI spokesman Keith Schwam.
In other words...AA is lying. I wonder if Al Franken will have a follow-up to his Lies and the Lying Liars book to include his employer. Call me cynical for thinking ""

By the way, Michelle Malkin has a great column on how the race-hustling poverty pimps known as Sharpton and Jesse are as quiet as a narcoleptic at a MoveOn rally with a packed house of all seven of their members. She notes that these guardians of civil rights care more about the color green than they do about black or brown.

Also, Mark Steyn has a great quote: "Air America looks like the broadcast version of the U.N. Oil-for-Food program, whereby money earmarked to save starving moppets somehow winds up in the bank accounts of bloated self-described do-gooders with political connections."

Finally, for some hilarious (and damning) AA scandal bumper stickers, click here. There are tons of good ones, but here are a mere sample:

"We explained the scandal to our listeners. Both of them were appalled."

"Those Alzheimer victims already forgot. The kids will soon. Why don't you? Air America, the network that relies on short attention spans."

"Rove made us do it."

"Robbin' the Hood since 2004"

"Stealing from children is not as bad as tax cuts!"