Sunday, August 21, 2005

Show's over, Cindy...and America is glad

Cindy Sheehan heads home. For good? For that publicity-hound moonbat, I doubt it. For her sake, she should stay there.

"Her" sake? Yes, because it looks like more Americans have grown tired of her and her anti-military, anti-Semitic rants. An AOL poll (granted, unscientific) asks the following two questions:
Asked: "Do you agree with Sheehan's views?" Cindy's supporters trail her critics, 56 to 44 percent, with nearly 290,000 Americans responding to the technically unscientific survey.

Asked, "Do you agree with Sheehan's tactics?" Cindy faired even worse, losing that contest 59 to 44 percent.
A more scientific poll, taken by Rasmussen Reports, reveals that there are still slightly more people who view her unfavorably than those who view her favorable: 38% unfavorable, 35% favorable, and I'm assuming the remainder were political moderates and were waiting to see which way the public opinion polls settled. However, as Rasmussen points out, "In general, people see in Sheehan what they want to see."

Van Helsing has a great post at his Moonbattery blog about how other Americans who lost children in Iraq are reclaiming their children's name from the "Sheehanistas":
Sheehan's handlers thought it would be effective propaganda to stick crosses in the ground, decorated with the names of fallen American soldiers, thereby drafting these heroes into the antiwar movement, just as Sheehan drafted her own son.

But not all relatives are willing to trade the honor of their love ones' sacrifice for an opportunity to poke their country in the eye. Some are traveling to Crawford to remove the crosses with their relatives' names. Matt and Toni Matula lost their Marine son in Iraq last year. Here's what Matt Matula had to say on KXAN, after going to Crawford to stand up for his son:
He's not a victim, he's a hero. ... I went there and had Matthew's name taken off of there. It's fine for people to grieve their own way. It aggravates me to see them using other people's names to further their cause.
No doubt that the moonbats will call these people "chickenhawks" for supporting the war efforts without signing up themselves. A "pro-military" moonbat is like a vegetarian cattler farmer...they just don't exist.

More and more counter-Sheehan protests are emerging, yet I doubt we'll see Chris Matthews, Keith Blabberman, or the rest of the MSM out covering these such counter-protests. Of course, that's not because there's any liberal media bias or anything...