Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Where are the kind, generous, compassionate liberals?

Don't liberals fancy themselves as generous and compassionate people? True, they mean with other people's money, but still...

I surmised yesterday that a large number of liberals cared more about Africa's AID problem and about Asia when it was hit by tsunamis last year than they care about (red states) Louisiana and Mississippi. Libs were screaming for help for the Africans and Asians (rightfully so), but I wonder why no such screams have come from their pieholes for their countrymen along the Gulf Coast.

Well, great minds think alike. The Museum of Left Wing Lunacy makes a similar, albeit funnier, explanation:
Lastly, with Hurricane Katrina rapidly becoming America's version of the Tsunami of Southeast Asia, I'd hope celebrities would be lining up to donate some of their millions. I don't think it's happened yet. That "right-leaning" company, Walmart has, though. Maybe that turned the Liberal Elite off.

I can hear Paris and Cameron and Gwyneth now: "Ugh, Walmart people are dirty. We can't be associated with them!"

You can be sure that when Africa needs help again, George Clooney and his marry musicians will quickly assemble Live Aid 45, even though they never asked for it. The arrogant condescension by the lefties thus continues.
Ouch...the evil capitalist oppressor Wal-Mart is even stepping up to help!

AIDS in Africa? A concert to raise money and awareness. Tsunamis in Asia? High profile appearances and charity drives by liberals, conservatives, and libertarians alike. Hurricane devastates the Gulf Coast? Liberals take their time, implying a not-so-subtle "Screw you, you inbred hicks! That'll teach you to have a culture contrary to ours! And you remember that during the next election cycle, too!" I'm certain that they will remember, indeed.