Sunday, August 28, 2005

How Sunnis in Iraq are like Democrats in America

I read this AP story about how Iraq has drafted a constitution, but the Sunni minority have rejected it. I noticed a parallel with American Democrats.

For one, Sunnis are the minority part of the population. Where in the hell do they get off trying to keep the country from progressing towards freedom? I know that they enjoyed power-related privileges when Saddam's rape rooms were open for business, and they miss those privileges deeply. They beamed with pride as one of their own tortured and brutalized the country for three decades. I guess it is to be expected that they are a tad bit resentful that those "good ol' days" are no more.

So instead of helping forge an iraq where they would at least have some say-so in the direction of the country...they want to obstruct. They want to hold their breath and turn blue. They want to pick up their ball and go home. They think they need to be consulted in order to bestow legitimacy to the new constitution. Basically, they'd rather their own country go down the tubes than to succeed under the rule of someone other than themselves.

Basically, these characteristics sound like those of American Democrats. Or the elected ones anyway.

See, it seems like American Democrats detest George W. Bush and Republicans so much that they can stomach a number of American defeats if those defeats portray their opposition poorly. Iraq has problems, Afghanistan has problems, Social Security has problems, national security and intelligence have problems...but hey! Let's just elect Democrats FIRST, then go back and fix those problems! Sure, by the time Dems regain power, I could be dead (we ALL could be dead by then via a smuggled-in nuclear bomb or airborne lethal virus)...but at least Bush and Republicans will look bad!

Sunnis boycotted Iraqi elections in January, to try to cast a pall of illegitimacy over the elections. Do you think if Democrats in this country boycotted the polls here on Election Day that such a boycott would make the American public perceive the new leaders as illegitimate? No, quite the contrary: Americans would see the winner with 70%+ and think "Wow...this guy's got a mandate!" And by "mandate", I don't mean Barney Frank's plans for this weekend.

Wow. What if Democrats boycotted elections here? Man, would I pay big bucks to make that a reality here in this country or what?