Friday, October 28, 2005

Miers withdrawal must be good news

After all, with all of the Dems screaming about how unfair it is that Miers has withdrawn from the SCOTUS justice nomination, it must be good for those of us right-of-center:

Howard "Primal Scream" Dean broke out the "die on the vine" DNC meme from the 1990's. Link.

Harry Reid thought she was a good idea, and that Bush listened to the "right-wing" of the GOP. Link. If true, that would mark the first time it would have happened.

Tom Harkin said "I really think it's despicable what they [the GOP] are doing." Link.

Dianne Feinstein's quote: "I hate to see a woman go down this way. I really, really do." Insert Monica Lewinsky joke here: _______________

The more that Democrats praised her, the more uneasy I became. Note to self: In the future, ask more Democratic Senators "Who are Republicans permitted to like and dislike?"