Monday, October 31, 2005

Wilson: "My wife's CIA career is over!"

What, they won't let her keep her overt desk jockey job at the CIA? That's odd!

Oh, maybe he's talking about her "covert" and "undercover" career, the one that's been non-existent since 1994. At any rate, Joe Wilson whined to the accommodating MSM (specifically 60 Minutes on "See? B.S." CBS) that Valerie Plame's career at the CIA was essentially DOA.
Wilson contends that his wife's identity was deliberately revealed by the Bush administration to get back at him for publicly challenging U.S. prewar intelligence on Iraq.
Right...and N.O.W. is just a group of average heterosexual women with no man-hating lesbian agenda! Anyway, read this nugget:
Former CIA agent Jim Marcinkowski, now a city attorney in Royal Oak, Michigan, told "60 Minutes" it was "outrageous" that Plame had been exposed.

"CIA people don't like cameras. We don't like publicity. We operate in the background as much as possible. So she's in a very, very uncomfortable spot," said Marcinkowski, who trained with Plame at the CIA.
Really? They hate attention? Then Valerie has one of the oddest forms of agoraphobia and "discomfort" I've ever seen here in that top-secret classified document known as Vanity Fair magazine:

Considering her husband is a proven liar, and that the press is sloppier than Ted Kennedy at Spring Break, it's not difficult to see this pap on the MSM tour.

Speaking of MSM pap and sloppiness, the MSM still refuses to acknowledge the indisputable fact that Plame was not a spy. Headline: "Rove should be fired, spy’s husband says" The same hubby that said she was not a covert agent at the time of the Novak column, no less. liberal media bias.

By the way: thanks to everyone yesterday for the kind words. Though I may retain an edge with my writing style, I'll try to keep the comments to those of you who frequently disagree with me above-board. You guys were great, and I do appreciate it.