Tuesday, November 22, 2005

"Put up or shut up"...so Dems shut up

Jack Kelly has great commentary on the 403-3 vote the House held last week calling for immediate withdrawal of troops from Iraq per newfound media darling Jack Murtha's suggestion:
Showing more backbone and more brains than they customarily do, House Republicans called for a vote on immediate withdrawal from Iraq. It failed, 404-3. Democrats who'd applauded the introduction of Murtha's resolution whined it was dirty pool for Republicans to make them vote on his bottom line.

"It's a trap," a Democratic strategist told Newsweek's Eleanor Clift. "If the party comes out for a unilateral six month withdrawal, that would become the issue for 06, and they (Republicans) would kill us again." Democrats like to make antiwar noises for their moonbat base, but were unwilling to cast a vote that could hurt them with swing voters. They were too cowardly to be forthright cowards.
Voting in a pattern consistent with your rhetoric constitutes a trap, in the eyes of leftists like Clift. I gather that to mean that the left would like to blather on and spew platitudes of drivel without challenge, and without putting their money where their mouth is.

I guess Murtha's taken a page out of the John Kerry political playbook: he actually did advocate immediate surrender in withdrawal from Iraq, before he didn't!

The left is desparately looking for a horse to which it should hitch its anti-war wagon:
  • Last year, it was John Kerry. Did you know he served in Vietnam? Didn't work.
  • Earlier this year, it was Mother Moonbat herself, Cindy Sheehan. Did you know she lost a son in Iraq? Yep, she's gravy-trained off of his corpse more than Yoko Ono's gravy-trained off of John Lennon's corpse. Anyway, it didn't work.
  • Now, it's John Murtha. Did you know that he was a decorated USMC veteran?

    You have to admire their tenacity. Time will tell if this works, but so far, signs (and history) aren't promising.