Tuesday, December 20, 2005

"By all means...let's probe!"

Calm down, Congressman Frank...it's not what you think! From the Freepers:
Let's probe why the CIA doesn't mind a "covert agent" divulging her identity to a casual sex partner.

Let's probe why sworn members of congress can travel to Baghdad to stand in solidarity with Saddam as we are moving our troops to engage him.

Let's probe why a US Senator would travel to Syria, Iran, Lybia, Yemen and Qatar to warn than the the Iraq invasion was eminent.

Let's probe why a defense department contractor was allowed to sell missle guidance technology to China and why it is now being transferred to Iran.

Let's probe why the 9/11 commission omitted valuable information and excluded key witnesses to issue a false report of our defense administration prior to the NYC attacks.

Let's probe why the Fitzgerald grand jury never interviewed key witnesses such as Plame herself, her husband or the reporters involved.

Let's probe why US Senators on the intelligence committee leak top secret information to the media when they want to try to damage our President and our defense capabilities.

Let's probe who ordered the Sandy Berger shredding mission.

Let's probe who tried to squelch the Able Danger team.

Let's probe every single page of the BARRETT REPORT.

Not sure what the first one is about. I know it's Plame, but I don't get the "casual sex partner" reference. Other than that, this is right on.

Also, along the lines of the MSM not getting worked up over Clinton's "spying" activities: link. Seems that the New York Slimes only gets hot and bothered when we monitor terrorists, especially those in America. When Clinton does it to monitor anyone, usually political foes like anti-abortion clergy, it's just peachy with the Slimes.

Of course, Clinton was doing his own brand of "probing", wasn't he?