Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Point to ponder: MSM vs. blogosphere

We all know how the blogosphere cost Dan Rather and Mary Mapes their jobs at CBS. Rather and Mapes thought they could peddle their forged document story unchecked, and the blogosphere exposed their leftist agenda for the world to see. They received their walking papers shortly thereafter (oh, right...Rather retired, I'm sure completely unrelated to Memogate).

Now the Old Gray Hag, aka New York Slimes, has had its shoddy work exposed by the blogosphere. Hat tip to Michelle Malkin for the research and commentary, as well as the diverse legal viewpoints. Excerpt:
Now, go back and look carefully through the Times article. The reporters who have been so assiduously working on the story for at least a year couldn't find a single, non-anonymous expert in national security and the law to come up with the kind of informed analysis that took legal and counterterrorism bloggers three days to research and post.

How pathetic is that?
For the Slimes, this is either unbelievable journalistic sloppiness or brazenly biased reporting. You pick.