Monday, December 05, 2005

Rumsfeld criticizes media coverage of Iraq war

It's about damned time! Story here.

Letting these leftist rags spew their slanted drivel unchallenged, all in trying to get these same rags to like them, has been an exercise in futility. I'd prefer to see more offense from the administration, saying things like this:

"Considering the New York Times' lousy record on journalistic ethics (Jayson Blair, Walter Duranty, Dowdified quotes, etc.), I'd take anything that eminates from that fishwrap with a grain of salt."

Or this:

"Until the LA Times quits putting tabloid gossip such as decades-old unfounded alleged Arnie gropes on the front page in an effort to influence elections, and until they also stop feigning indignation over the "planting of stories" in Iraq (which mirrors their policy of running DNC talking points as "stories"), you'll have to forgive me for not answering their questions."

Or even this:

"Next question is for CBS. Wait...where's Dan Rather? Oh, that's right! He, "retired"...after you guys ran a story based solely on forged documents and a partisan Dem hack's account. Are you sure it was his resignation letter that Les Moonves received? Has anyone there verified that it was really his signature? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! OK, sorry, that was in poor taste...though still funny. Anyway, you had a question?"

Something like any of the above would be a welcome change. What are they gonna do, write unflattering stories in retaliation? Oops, too late...they've been writing unflattering (and even at times, untrue) "stories" since 2000! Why should the admin hold back now?