Thursday, January 26, 2006

Another vulnerable Dem caves on Alito

Senator Robert "Sheets" Byrd (, WV), vulnerable this year in increasingly red (formerly reliably blue) West Virginia, decides to throw his party under the bus on the confirmation of Sam Alito. Details:
The people of West Viriginia in no uncertain terms were, frankly, appalled by the Alito hearings. I don't want to say it, but I must. They were appalled. In the reams of correspondece that I received during the Alito hearings, West Virginians--the people I represent--West Virignians who wrote to criticize the way in which the hearings were conducted used the same two words. People with no connection to one another. People of different faiths. Different views. Different opinions. [They] independently and respectively used the same two words to describe the hearings. They called them called an outrage and a disgrace.
Almost as outrageous as disgraceful as the Dems looking up to a Senator who was actually in the Klan...while blasting the GOP for being racist!

Anywho, it looks like Byrd is going to support Alito, bringing the total number of Democrat supporters thus far to three: Byrd, Ben Nelson of Nebraska, and Tim Johnson of South Dakota. Don't be stunned if a couple of other vulnerable red staters (like Byron Dorgan of North Dakota or Bill Nelson of Florida) jump on the bandwagon.