Wednesday, January 25, 2006

PA teacher humiliates Broncos fan student

A little insight into the Pennsylvania public school system. From the Post-Gazette:
When Joshua Vannoy decided to wear a Denver Broncos jersey Friday, he knew there would be some joking from diehard Steelers fans at Big Beaver Falls Area Senior High School.

But he never expected to feel humiliated by his teacher during a mid-term examination and become so shaken up that he could not finish his test.

"I feel awful, like I was dehumanized," said Joshua, 17, a junior and self-described honor student.

He's made a complaint to the principal against John Kelly, who teaches an honors class on ethnic relations, saying the teacher made him sit on the floor to take his test and instructed other classmates to pelt him with balled up sheets of notebook paper.
Mr. Kelly had little to say on the subject yesterday.

"We won the game [Sunday] night, didn't we?" he said. "That's all I was worried about."

School Principal Thomas Karczewski said what happened was "intended as a joke" and that the matter was "getting out of hand."
He said when he went to sit down at his regular desk on Friday, Mr. Kelly ordered him to "take those books off my desk. I own that desk." He placed his textbooks on the floor and then sat down at the desk.

Joshua said his teacher told him to "get out of my desk. You're sitting in my desk."

He said Mr. Kelly began sliding the desks into a circle. Then he told Joshua to sit on the floor in the center of the circle.

While Mr. Kelly passed out the tests, he dropped Joshua's test papers, scattering them on the floor so that he had to crawl around and pick them up, Joshua said.

"As I started to write my name on the papers and number them, I noticed he went to the cupboard and grabbed a handful of notebook paper and handed it to all the kids and said, 'This is part two of your test. You'll get points for this. Take the paper and ball it up with two hands and throw it at the Denver fan,' " Joshua said.

Joshua said there were "papers flying everywhere towards me. At one point, a girl refused to do it and he [Mr. Kelly] took the paper off her desk and threw it into the back of my head."

Joshua said he was so furious his hands were shaking and he could hardly concentrate. He said he was lying flat on the carpet trying to answer essay questions about the Israeli Six-Day War and the Cold War while his face burned with shame.

He said he didn't talk back and when the dismissal bell rang, he handed the half-finished test to Mr. Kelly, who "snatched it right out of my hands."

Joshua said he reported the incident to the school principal immediately after a lunch period. He told his parents what happened when he got home.

Mr. Kelly "has never told me not to wear a Denver Broncos jersey in his class," Joshua said. "I probably wouldn't have if I knew it was going to cause this kind of big deal. I just thought it was a shirt."
A few observations here:

1. The class was "an honors class on ethnic relations"? As opposed to the non-honors version? I can't believe that there is ONE, much less MULTIPLE, "ethnic relations" classes! No wonder test scores are falling and educational output is suffering, when kids are deluged with "racial sensitivity" P.C. crap classes instead of more relevant material! Hey, to hell with algebra, let's sing "Kumbaya" instead!

2. How about the snide remark by the unrepentant teacher? "Hey, Steelers won, so screw you, kid!"

3. The poor kid is S.O.L., because he's white. Are there any doubts that had this happened to a non-white kid or to a female, the NAACP or NOW would have been on this teacher like Michael Moore on a porkchop?

4. It is a virtual certainty that the teachers union thugs will protect this miscreant teacher with every fiber of their extortionist being.

5. The kid's test was on the Israeli Six-Day War and the Cold War. Who wants to bet that the correct answers were "The evil Zionist entity started the war for no other reason than trying to assuage their insatiable imperialistic appetite" and "The Soviets were just trying to live peacefully until those malevolent American babykillers drove their communistic utopia 'workers paradise' into a cruel collapse"?