Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Godwin's Law violated...in MN Congress race?

Some of you are familiar with Godwin's Law. If you're not, click here for a full explanation. There now appears to be a "Godwin's candidate", and she's a Democrat. More:
As the Democratic Party continues its slide into disrepute, there doesn't seem to be any bottom in sight. Here is the latest smear from the Dems: candidate Coleen Rowley has published a despicable slander of my own Congressman and friend, John Kline, depicting him as a Nazi. Click to enlarge: link

In a sane world, the pathetic Ms. Rowley would be forced to resign from the race in humiliation. That won't happen, however, as this kind of ridiculous smear is exactly what the Democratic Party is looking for in its candidates. The more outrageous, the better.
Congressman Kline was a Marine, and here you have a Democrat replacing (via Photoshop) his USMC uniform with a Nazi uniform. I wonder if Dick Durbin is Rowley's web designer?

In case you're keeping tabs, the left's rationale goes something like this: former soldiers who poormouth the U.S. military and its efforts (such as John Murtha or John F'ing Kerry) are "patriots", while former soldiers who do not poormouth our the military and its efforts are Nazis. Thanks for clearing that up for us, libs.

Can we question their patriotism yet?