Monday, January 23, 2006

Kennedrunk's all-male club vs. Augusta National?

Anyone remember the NY Times launching their front page crusade against the Augusta National Golf Club's all-male policy? Every year, feminist Martha Burk gets some "columns disguised as news 'stories'" help from the Old Gray Hag as she rants and protests the hyperphallic nature of Augusta National! It seems that the freedom of association aspects of this country, especially as it pertains to a private organization, is a bit much for the femi-nitwits and their agitprop accomplices in the MSM to stomach.

Unless, of course, Teddy Chappaquiddick is the perp.

I've been scouring Al Gore's invention to see if I can find any MSM source's editorial staff castigating Kennedrunk for being a member of the Owl Club, a sausage party organization at Harvard. Kennedy did resign the club...last week. It took him 52 years and some political advice to do it, but he did it. Heck, the OWL Club was kicked off of Harvard in 1984 for violating "equality laws" that Kennedy himself championed. This irony was lost on TK and his knuckledragging myrmidons as he piously raked Judge Alito over the coals for Alito's membership in Princeton's CAP. Good enough for me but not for, Kennedrunk?

I'm still looking for the Hag to weigh in on TK's schlong-based social club, considering their dismay over Augusta National's all-male policies. I'll let you know if Hell freezes over I find it.