Thursday, January 12, 2006

You thought our justice system could be screwed up?

Sometimes, as in the case of the Vermont liberal judge who sentenced a child rapist to 60 days in jail, our criminal justice system can be really messed up. Take solace, though, my fellow Americans: we have been trumped. From the AP:
The man who shot Pope John Paul II in 1981 was released from prison Thursday after serving more than 25 years in Italy and Turkey for the plot against the pontiff and the slaying of a Turkish journalist.
But hundreds of Agca's supporters came to Istanbul to celebrate his release.

"He is a family friend. We love him," Mustafa Akmercan, one of two Turks who hijacked an Air Malta jetliner in 1997 to demand Agca's release, told The Associated Press outside the prison. "We're very happy."
Agca, known in the past for frequent outbursts and claims that he was the Messiah, has never undergone a thorough psychological evaluation, although he met briefly with a psychiatrist who declared him sane enough to stand trial for shooting the pope.

The issue is important because Agca, a draft-dodger who also escaped from a military prison in 1979, faces the possibility of being enlisted in the army if he is pronounced fit to serve, although the military generally accepts conscripts under age 41.
Let's recap, shall we?

Agca killed someone (a Turkish journalist), tried to kill another (the pope), gets a ringing endorsement from a convicted airline hijacker, has frequent outbursts, thinks he's Jesus, dodged the draft, escaped from a military prison and served no time for that, and has never had a complete psychological evaluation...was deemed fit to be returned into society and possibly serve in the Turkish army?!? On what planet did this seem like a good idea?

This time, we can at least find an exception to "Only in America"!