Thursday, February 16, 2006

Teetering leftist "credibility" hinges on discrediting Saddam tapes

What shreds of credibility the left has remaining, and rest assured that such credibility is scant little, it is dependent in large part on discrediting the Saddam tapes. After all, you have an Intelligence Summit studying these tapes that reportedly have Saddam speculating on a WMD attack on America. Granted, the MSM is quieter than Monica Lewinsky with a mouthful, since they're too preoccupied with Cheney blasting a lawyer by mistake. Page one stuff, my friends. Nice to see where the MSM's sense of priorities are.

Translation from the tapes, as seen on Nightline:
TRANSLATOR: Terrorism is coming. That in the future there will be terrorism with weapons of mass destruction. I told them in the future what would prevent a booby-trapped car causing a nuclear explosion in Washington, or a germ or a chemical one. This is coming. This story is coming, but not from Iraq.

TARIQ AZIZ (translated): It's so simple that any biologist can make a bottle of germs and drop it into a water tower and kill 100,000. This is not done by a state. No need to accuse a state. An individual can do it, even an American in a house close to the White House.

HUSSEIN KAMEL (Saddam's son-in-law, translated): We did not reveal all that he have, not the type of weapons, not the volume of materials we imported, not the volume of the production we told them about, not the volume of use, none of this was correct. As for the nuclear threat, we say we have disclosed everything, but no. We have undeclared programs in nuclear as well.
Admitting that they sandbagged the UN inspectors, presumably the same ones Martin Sheen wanted to give another crack at in terms of doing their "job." How does Brian Ross and Dianne Sawyer of Good Morning America interpret this news?
ROSS: But you were saying that -- that you could see on them that Saddam surprisingly is the calm one in the room? Not the raving lunatic of public image, but very calm, and Tariq Aziz was always thought to be so calm, he's ranting and raving on these things. It's a very interesting insight into what was going on behind the scenes there.

SAWYER: Yeah, the foreign minister and all the questions about Saddam's coherence. He seems absolutely coherent.

ROSS: Absolutely in control and quite intelligent.
Wow. We must have been wrong about Saddam then. He seems like such a reasonable guy, not raving or anything! Bush must have lied about Hussein's character, too!

Amazing how two different mindsets can hear the same thing and come to completely different conclusions. It's not that surprising, though. The left has hitched its wagon to "Bush lied! No WMD's! Unjust war! No security threat!" To believe these words on these tapes (which I again emphasize may not be 100% authentic YET, but may be so determined after this post), one must reject all of the left's aforementioned claptrap, and they'd rather be dipped in camel dung and dragged by their thumbs through the Sahara than admit they were full of fecal matter on defense and security. Again. As usual.

However, until the Bush administration gives a damn about finding the WMD's (which would include infiltrating Syria, among other places) that intelligence pointed to, the truth just isn't going to matter much, is it?